Nossa Senhora da Vitória Residence Garden

The simplicity of a grandmother’s garden

18/19 May

10:00 — 18:00

Rua Josefa Maria 13

* Self-guided visit

Pets are not allowed.
The access is limited, on a first-come, first-served basis, without prior registration.
Capacity limited to 15 people.
This is an entirely free event.

The Nossa Senhora da Vitória Residence in the neighbourhood of Graça is a private social care institution belonging to the Fraternity of the Holy Sacrament of Vitória Church, located in the “Vivenda Rosalina”. This early 20th century palacete, which has a private chapel, a pond and a garden, was built by the owner of the Estrela D’Ouro Neighbourhood, the confectionary industrialist Agapito Serra Fernandes.

Converted into a retirement home (with around 80 residents), the Nossa Senhora da Vitória Residence has a garden that now opens its gates to reveal its unique combination of eccentricity and simplicity: around the large central pond in its patio, made of Portuguese calçada paving stones that invoke the name of the neighbourhood with five-pointed stars, we find various flower beds that mix geraniums with wildflowers, begonias and gazanias, and a view that takes in the city below.