• Tomás Tojo

    Gardener and activist. He believes in a greener and more collaborative society. Develops projects in social economy, combining gardening and creativity with the desire for social change. Passionate about people, gramineae and herbaceous plants.

  • Marta Duarte

    Therapist, learns about and teaches how to conjugate love. Moves through the invisible and through all forms of our nature. Hydrangea macrophylla enchants her, as well as the dream of embracing a Sequoiadendron giganteum.

  • Rosana Ribeiro
    Cultural Programmer

    Native of Lisbon, Rosana is a mother, dancer, choreographer, and yoga instructor. She initiated the movement “zerowasteportugal” and within cities and her communities promotes projects related to sustainability and active civic participation. One of her passions lies in the sensorial scents of nature: Jasminum, Gardenia, Lavandula and Rosmarinum officinalis.

  • Pietro Romani

    Pietro is all about dance and plants, feeling and doing. Shifting between different areas, he has developed an appreciation for work with communities. He is fascinated by the Voyager space probes and decided to become a gardener. He prefers songs that tell a story and has a thing for large-leafed tropical plants.

  • André Freire

    With a background in architecture, he fell in love at a very young age with the warmth of Mediterranean landscapes, followed by a natural fascination with the long canopies of the Cupressus totem.

  • Carolina Matias

    Translator and communicator, she is interested in language as a means and words as an end. She is fascinated by nictinastia and likes to observe the circadian rhythm of plants.

  • Ivo Meco

    Biology teacher, amateur botanist, writer of the garden guide, “Jardins de Lisboa: Stories of Spaces, Plants and People”. He believes we become eternal in the form of stories in the memories of the world.

  • Filipe Cardigos
    Communication Design

    He is adept at propagation and plant swap. In the vegetable world, one of the things that fascinates him the most is seeing a plant moving on its own.

  • Mariana Rosa
    Web Design and Development

    She is a curious observer of the growth of plant species, particularly enchanted by those that sprout from inhospitable places. She joins the team to bridge green matter to the digital realm.

  • João Teotónio

    He is an audiovisual content producer and musician. He is fascinated by the way sound, images, and emotions interconnect. He is a yogi who is passionate about the zen world, where plants and nature play a crucial role.

  • Manuel Loureiro

    He is a videomaker and amateur gardener. He is the proud guardian of four Monstera deliciosa and an advocate of green democracy.

  • Cláudia Pereira

    She graduated in advertising and publicity, and it was not until she moved to Lisbon that she discovered nature photography. It is not always the beauty, but the curve, the colour, the history, life or death; nature offers all that. She is particularly fond of Quercus suber.


Special thanks to everyone who has been part of the team since 2017:

António Jorge, Rita Simões, Rodrigo Pereira, Rita Pereira, Pedro Teles, Maria Albergaria, Mafalda Bivar e Aline Macedo


Special thanks to all private owners who have opened their gardens since 2017:

João e Teresa, João Silva, Nuno Prates, Carlota Albergaria e Maria Albergaria, George Glass e Mary Glass, Gonçalo Raposo e Sylvain


Acknowledgement to all 65 volunteers of the Spring 2019 Edition:

Abigail Sobral, Alda Coelho, Alessandra Ranesi, Alexandre Semedo, Ana Martins, André Freire, Ângela Pité, Bruna Reis, Bruno Ceña, Callie Wentling, Carolina Silva, Cláudia Pereira, Cristina Domingues, Daniele Stefano, Débora Almeida, Diogo Gonçalves, Dora Russo, Eduardo Barreira, Elis Saturnino, Emily Saturnino, Erica Mendes, Eva Magalhães, Gabriel Medeiros, Inês Brito, Inês Durão, Inês Jerónimo, Inês Marques, Isabel Abreu, Isabel Pinto, Jacqueline Cousins, Joana Ferreira, Joana Martins, Joana Oliveira, João Cunha Ferreira, Laima Barros, Laura Mota, Leonor Fonseca, Lia Ferreira, Lucia Comparin, Luísa Brito, Mafalda Mendes, Manuel Lacerda, Margarida Granadeiro, Margarida Moreira, Maria da Graça Lopes, Maria Isabel Pinto, Maria Ruivo, Marilia Lopez, Marisa Sousa, Marta Rafael, Mathias Weigl, Michelle Monachino, Miguel Cardoso, Olga Garasymiv, Pedro Trindade, Pietro Romani, Rebecca Burton, Renata Zanotto, Ricardo Mororó, Sarah Sá, Sofia Rodrigues, Sofia Silva, Trish Lorenz, Vanessa Grilo, Veronique Bergier


Acknowledgement to all 69 volunteers of the Autumn 2019 Edition:

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