A time for picnicking in the cool shade of a big tree.


Under a great blue expanse of sky — the summer sun, bright and hot, suspended at its highest point — we stretch out our blankets in the cool shade of the trees, as the contours of their branches cast speckled replicas on the ground. The rustle of leaves in the warm breeze is joined by the murmuring of conversation and the sound of swallows performing acrobatics, their calls piercing the air. The great outdoors — and thus, the whole wide world — becomes the biggest room in our house. It’s time for a picnic!

At a time when indoor meetings are restricted due to the pandemic, picnics are an excellent way of meeting up with friends and family to eat, drink, play games — cards, tennis, frisbee — entertain the children, or simply read a book.

Don’t forget to bring: blankets, snacks, cold drinks, games, hats, sunscreen, and good cheer!

You can have a picnic in the following gardens in our programme:

  • Eduardo VII Park (Estufa Fria)
  • Príncipe Real Garden
  • Estrela Garden — Guerra Junqueiro Garden
  • Olivais Teaching Farm