Donations and Planting with the Residents

of Rua Cidade de Manchester

Other Activities

In a road with a steep stairway in the parish of Anjos, there is a community movement that’s worth getting to know. Here in Rua da Cidade de Manchester, part of the English Bairro, a group of residents come together to grow allotments and gardens, exchange goods they no longer need, and organise games and parties. All in order to uphold and promote a ‘sense of belonging and neighbourly ties’.

In this action, the stairway of the road will be home to a plant donation centre, where plants can be left as j. Also present will be members of the community to receive the donations, talk, pass the time and, of course, to plant! Without doubt, this activity will leave everyone with good memories.

Oct 17 and 24, 15:00
Rua Cidade de Manchester