Tropical Botanical Garden

The last garden ordered to be built by the monarchy and the first great garden built in the Republic

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This may be one of Lisbon’s gardens with the greatest diversity of tropical fig trees, including the Ficus religiosa, the Ficus altissima and the Ficus rumphii.

It was during the first half of the 18th century that D. João V bought a number of farms in Belém, allowing for an extensive cultivation area called the hortus regius suburbanus. Always connected to the royal family, this space underwent several changes and additions to the land, including the gardens of the old Quinta dos Távoras.

In 1906, during the reign of D. Carlos I, a new Colonial Garden was commissioned, meeting demand from agronomists seeking familiarity with the various plants of the Portuguese colonies. Plants that were first acclimatised in the Quinta das Laranjeiras were moved to the Colonial Garden in 1914. It was renamed the Tropical Botanical Garden in 2007 and recognised as a National Monument.

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