The Green Roof of the Alcântara Water Plant

A garden where things are used, re-used, recycled, and valued

Open on days:

22/23 29/30

10:00 — 13:00

Fábrica de Água de Alcântara, Avenida de Ceuta

* Escorted visit

Also on the theme of sustainability, the garden is watered using recycled water produced by the ETAR itself. An example to us all!

The Green Roof of the Alcântara Water Plant is around two hectares in size and is a great example of integrated landscaping within the city of Lisbon. The bare structures of the old Waste Water Treatment Station (ETAR) are now a distant memory, having been covered by the green of these gardens. The site’s sheltered location next to Monsanto Park gives it good thermal and acoustic isolation, and by increasing the area over which rainwater can be absorbed it helps reduce the risk of flooding.

As well as its aesthetic appeal, the roof also reduces global warming through the absorption of solar rays, as its plants convert CO2 in the air into oxygen through photosynthesis.

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