NÃM Urban Farm

An economic model inspired by the natural world

Open on days:

17/18 24/25

10:00 — 17:00

Rua Amorim 11

* Escorted visit

This is a unique opportunity to discover the inside story of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sp.) production.

Small ideas can change the world.

NÃM Urban Farm is the first urban farm in Portugal to produce food from the waste of other industries, based on the principles of the circular economy. But this isn’t a vegetable farm. This is a place for mushrooms, which play a vital role in ecosystems everywhere by decomposing organic matter into inorganic matter and making it available for plants.

Locally available materials – in this case coffee dregs – are used to produce mushrooms for human consumption. Decomposition of the coffee dregs generates a quality fertiliser, which can be used for plant cultivation. It’s a replica of the naturally-occurring networks for transforming matter, right here in the centre of our city.

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Nãm’s Mushrooms

w/ Li

Awareness of ourselves and the world around us is always growing. We are what we eat, and a healthy diet is a varied diet, full of colours, flavours and textures that change with the seasons. Join us at this workshop for sharing ideas about food while trying out different ways of cooking the mushrooms produced by Nãm in Lisbon, using the perspective of a circular economy.

Conducted by: Liliana Escalhão

Registration not required.



Virtual Youtube Collections

Green Perspectives — Natan

at NÃM Urban Farm

This is a collection of videos produced by Jardins Abertos. We invited 4 people from different green disciplines to introduce us to their work: a landscape architect, an entrepreneur working with the circular economy, an organic horticulture specialist, and one of the biggest producers of plants in Portugal. In this episode we meet Natan, founder of the project Nãm, where discarded coffee grounds are used for growing mushrooms. We discuss the circular economy and the challenges faced by social projects of this kind.

Our virtual edition will have several collections of videos divided by theme. These will be available starting the weekends of the festival on our YouTube channel.

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