Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park

A preserved memory of old recreational estates of the 19th century

Open on days:

22/23 29/30

10:00—13:00 and from 14:00—18:00

Largo Júlio Castilho

* Self-guided visit subject to capacity limit

A landmark for its gigantic size and historical importance, the Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park is home to the first Norfolk Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) to be planted in mainland Portugal, in 1842.

Currently attached to the National Costume Museum and the National Theatre and Dance Museum in Lumiar, it was during its ownership by the Marquis of Angeja in the 18th century that this botanical garden was designed as a complement to a Natural History museum. Considering the closeness between the Marquis of Angeja and Domenico Vandelli at the Portuguese Court, it is likely that the Italian botanist — responsible for the foundation of the Ajuda Botanical Garden — helped in the design of this space.

The purchase and merger of several estates by the Duke of Palmela in the 19th century expanded the park to its current 11 hectares. Immortalised in Almeida Garrett’s poetry, it is among the “beauties of this park, among those flowers” ​​that we can still recognise the structure of recreational estates: botanical garden, rose garden, orchard, meadows, woods and vegetable garden.

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