Lisbon’s Estufa Fria

An exotic hidden gem in the heart of Lisbon

Open on days:

18/19 25/26

10:00 — 18:00

Parque Eduardo VII

* Self-guided visit subject to capacity limit

The large collection of ferns, begonias, banana trees, strelitzias, and palm trees is an invitation to an immersive experience of tropical jungle exuberance.

In 1885, Avenida da Liberdade was inaugurated and the trees that were going to be in it needed to go through the acclimatization process. There was a basalt quarry nearby that was no longer used due to excess water, which was the perfect environment for a small nursery.

At the beginning of new century, all eyes turned to World War I. By then the plants were established and a new green space had been born. In 1926, the architect and painter Raul Carapinha designed a large greenhouse that was finished in 1933. In 1978 two new sections opened, Estufa Quente and Estufa Doce, expanding the botanical collection that includes plants from all over the world.