Hotel Hotel Patio

An extraordinary city jungle

20/21 27/28 May

14:00 — 18:00

Travessa da Glória, 22

* Self-guided visit

Pets are not allowed.
The access is limited, on a first-come, first-served basis, without prior registration.
This is an entirely free event.

In the heart of Lisbon, on Avenida da Liberdade, there is a gem of the plant world hidden on the patio of Hotel Hotel: a city jungle created by artists, where nature coexists in full harmony with human creativity.

This is an unpredictable and wild place, while also being accessible, comfortable, and welcoming, where people from all over the world come together to live, experience, feel and taste, and where inside and outside merge together.

It is here that we are invited to discover an exuberant living wall and three pillars, on which, between the green leaves of alocasias, scheffleras, geraniums and Cyrtomium falcatum ferns, we find explosions of colour in the purple leaves of Tradescantia pallida, the white splotches on some begonia leaves, the speckled flowers of the fuchsia (Fuchsia magellanica) and the vibrant red of the Russelias. A spectacle not to be missed!

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From Garden to Table – Jardins Abertos Menu at Restaurante Animal

Restaurante Animal at Hotel Hotel, inspired by Jardins Abertos, invites you to a meal. From the garden to the table, especially devised for Jardins Abertos, we present a unique menu in harmony with nature. Inspired by a real-life vegetable garden, our beetroot puree and dehydrated olives remind us of freshly ploughed earth, ready for planting. On top we find grilled asparagus and coriander and beetroot sprouts, representing the early life of our garden. For the final part of the menu, a mille-feuille, that's right, a thousand leaves, made of layers of elderflower and rhubarb, in an explosion of colours and flavours that serve as the stage for our star: a crunchy butterfly. For accompaniment we have two cocktails, here representing the mature garden and its fruit. The first cocktail is a revelation – Eden, the innocent apple, joins in partnership with whiskey, gooseberries, and cinnamon. The second cocktail sees tequila, coconut and orange juice combine in the perfect gulp – Amor Perfeito. Irresistible: the setting and the delights on offer!

* Menu available for lunch and dinner, upon payment and subject to reservation directly with the Hotel Hotel or with Restaurante Animal.