Bela Flor Agroforest

Planting an agroforest in the city

Open on days:

22 29

14:00 — 18:00

Rua Pedreira do Fernandinho

* Escorted visit

It’s a place without insecticides or other chemical products, and where an understanding of the soil and ecological succession goes hand in hand with a hope for a more sustainable and regenerative world, and where invasive plant species are harnessed for the benefit of the cultures being grown!

Bela Flor Respira (Bela Flor Breathes) is a pilot urban agroforestry project in Campolide, developed by the community and volunteers, and started with the support of a range of public and private partners and organisations.

Through the redevelopment of an abandoned plot of land, a new space for community interaction is now being grown using planting techniques from agroforestry and syntropic farming.

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