Jardins Abertos – Autumn Edition

As in the previous year, 2020’s festival was split across two editions: Spring and Autumn. In response to the pandemic, both editions involved both in-person and virtual activities and took place over two consecutive weekends. The Autumn Edition took place on 17/18 and 24/25 October. Both editions formed part of the programme for Lisbon’s year as European Green Capital.

As well as reopening several gardens from the Spring Edition, the Autumn Edition saw the arrival of three new partners: Bela Flor Agroforest, Olivais Pedagogical Farm and HortasLX at Village Underground. Another first this year was the participation of all of Lisbon’s botanical gardens: the Ajuda Botanical Garden, the Tropical Botanical Garden, the Lisbon Botanical Garden and the Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park (the latter also took part in the virtual programme).

The 2020 Autumn Edition was attended by more than 48.000 people. Of these, 12.141 were in person and 35.987 were virtual.