The Creatures of the Farm – Wooden Automata Workshop

Array May


Conducted by: Paulo Torres
Location: Alto da Eira Farm

For ages 6 and above
Capacity: 10 children and their guardians
Duration: 5 hours

* Participants should bring paper and pencil for drawing and we recommend bringing snacks.

Alto da Eira Farm is a social, environmental, cultural and experimental project based on the construction and running of a sustainably managed community farm, maintained by the hands of those who visit it weekly and to which everyone contributes for the benefit of all.

In this workshop, participating families will make replicas of the creatures living in the Farm in the form of recycled wooden automata, whose simple mechanisms and cog-based geometry will reproduce movement and “make pure poetry”.

All steps from start to finish will be included, from design to construction. After a snack break and some storytelling, there will be a guided visit around the Farm, so that everyone can discover the creatures that inspired the replicas, the vegetables and all the other treasures of this space.