Sensorial Maps of a Garden

Array May


Conducted by: Leonor Pêgo
Location: Gulbenkian Garden
Meeting Point: Edifício Sede entrance

Ages 6 to 12
Capacity: 25 people (minimum participation of 10 people)
Duration: 120 minutes

Registration: free entry with ticket collection on the same day (maximum two adults per child)

The Gulbenkian Garden is a happy meeting between the mastery of its designers and the natural forms and colours of the plants that give it shape, framing its art- and poetry-filled buildings.

How do we get to know a space, with our eyes, ears, noses, hands, feet and mouths?

I imagine with my eyes and my ears / And with my hands and feet / And with my nose and mouth. / Imagining a flower, seeing it and smelling it / And to eat a fruit, is to know its meaning. / That is why on a hot day / I feel sad from enjoying it so much, / And I lie down flat in the grass / And I shut my warm eyes, / I feel my whole body laid out in reality, / I know the truth and I am happy. (Alberto Caeiro, “Sou um guardador de rebanhos”)

In this workshop, we will sharpen all of our senses to discover this Garden fully, like Alberto Caeiro, and build a sensory map of this place.