Monsanto Perfumes

Array May


Conducted by: Miguel Matos
Location: Monsanto Forest Park
Meeting point: Centro de Interpretação de Monsanto

For all ages
Capacity: 25 people
Duration: 120 minutes

Registration not required. Places are available on a first come, first served basis.

* We recommend you do not use perfume on the day of the activity, so that you can enjoy to their fullest the fragrances nature has to offer.

This informal walk through Monsanto Forest Park will create space for the germination of new conversations regarding what we can smell in our surroundings.

Join perfumer Miguel Matos and let your sense of smell and ideas about scents flow, as we answer some questions and ask many others: what is the art of fragrance? What is a perfumer and what does their work entail? How do we bottle natural elements to make perfumes? What can we smell in Monsanto and how can we take Monsanto home with us as a fragrant memory?

Drawing on the biodiversity present in the park, at the end of the walk a tincture will be made using plant species collected along the way.