Edible Plants and Aromatic Herbs

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Conducted by: Dafne Vaz
Location: Palácio Fronteira Gardens

For ages 14 and above
Capacity: 20 people
Duration: 120 minutes

Registration not required. Places are available on a first come, first served basis.

Classified as a national monument in 1982, Fronteira Palace and its gardens are one of the most emblematic historical locations in Lisbon, and a leading example of the delicate work of conserving heritage and culture, here under the management of Fundação das Casas de Fronteira e Alorna.

This activity will explore the senses of taste and touch in the context of herbal medicine, from the bitter to the astringent, the velvety to the itchy! We will look at remedies based on these characteristics and the therapeutic benefits of stimulating the palate and touch with plants we can find in the garden.