Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Gulbenkian Garden

28 May


Conducted by: Fernanda Botelho
Location: Gulbenkian Garden
Meeting Point: Edifício Sede entrance

For ages 12 and above
Capacity: 25 people (minimum participation of 10 people)
Duration: 90 minutes

Registration: free entry with ticket collection on the same day (one ticket per person)

* The activity is subject to weather conditions.

Did you know that many of the active substances in medicines come from plants? And that edible, medicinal plants can be found in almost all gardens, whether ornamental or growing spontaneously? Let’s discover some of them in the vegetation of the Gulbenkian Garden, among gingkos, olive trees, and wild plants.

Fernanda Botelho, author of books on edible and medicinal wild plants, will introduce us to plants that work as sedatives, anti-inflammatories, diuretics, anti-bacterials, tranquilisers, regulators… gardens are living pharmacopias!