Collective Gardening

Array May


Conducted by: Tomás Tojo
Location: Bairro Verde
Meeting Point: Largo Conde Barão

For all ages
Capacity: 20 people
Duration: 120 minutes

Registration not required. Places are available on a first come, first served basis.

The project Bairro Verde (Green Borough) aims to create a green corridor by planting more than 200 balconies along Rua de São Paulo. Bringing together like-minded residents and local businesses, the project also involves taking advantage of and enlivening public space, as well as sprucing up the area and those who live there.

The Collective Gardening is an activity developed among a community of neighbours, friends and strangers, where the planting of a new garden helps us to imagine and engage with public space. As part of this exchange, several collective planting and maintenance activities will be organised in the various green spaces across the neighbourhood, including institutions and local businesses. Knowledge and techniques acquired throughout the project. 

This activity is part of the Bairro Verde (Green Borough) initiative, supported by the BIP/ZIP Lisbon 2023 Programme – Local Partnerships, from Lisbon City Council.