Bouquets of Flowers and Aromatic Herbs

20 27 May


Conducted by: Cátia Sá and Ana Bragança
Location: Bela Flor Agroforest

For all ages
Capacity: 15 people
Duration: 180 minutes

Registration not required. Places are available on a first come, first served basis.

* The bouquets produced can be purchased by participants through a conscious donation.

Through the redevelopment of an abandoned plot of land, a new space for community interaction is now being grown using planting techniques from agroforestry and syntropic farming. Bela Flor Respira (Bela Flor Breathes) is a pilot urban agroforestry project in Campolide, developed by the community and volunteers, and started with the support of a range of public and private partners and organisations.

This activity will introduce a number of the activities ongoing at the agroforest, such as the horticultural bouquets. Made following the harvesting and pruning of seasonal aromatic herbs, this is just one way of sharing and distributing the harvest within the community.