Bicycle ride from Gulbenkian Garden to Monsanto: plants of the landscape and their habitats

27 May


Conducted by: Mariana Machado
Location: Gulbenkian Garden
Meeting Point: Edifício Sede entrance

For ages 18 and above
Capacity: 20 people (minimum participation of 10 people)
Duration: 240 minutes

* Registration required by May 25

** Participants must bring their own bicycle, water and light meal for lunch.

*** The activity is subject to weather conditions.

The name and work of Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles reaches much further than the Gulbenkian Garden, for example to the Green Corridor that links the Foundation to Monsanto. What connects these two projects with the Portuguese landscape? What is the Lisbon Ecological Structure and why is it important? What influence do factors like the climate, soil, geology, water, and solar exposure have on the vegetation that grows in a particular area?

This bicycle ride will help you explore these questions, recognise and identify bio-indicator species and understand the dynamics of the natural landscape.