A Walk amid Scents and Smells

Array May


Conducted by: Paulo Sérgio
Location: Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park

For all ages
Capacity: 30 people
Duration: 60 minutes

Registration: se@mntraje.dgpc.pt

* Mandatory prior registration by email, until May 24th

Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park has its origins in the joining of lands from old 18th century estates, in which traces of their earlier structures can still be seen: the botanical garden, the rose garden, the orchard, the meadows, the woods and the farm. Beyond its notable tree species, the garden’s diversity of plants, with their different shapes and scents, is an excellent theme for a guided visit.

Amidst the smells of crushed leaves and the scents of vibrant flowers, we invite you to discover the Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park and activate your senses with bay leaves, rosemary and lavender, lemon verbena and camomile, roses and wisteria. This interactive experience fuses Spring colours and aromas in this historical garden.