28 Trees at Conde dos Arcos Farm

27/28 May


Conducted by: João Paulo do Carmo
Location: Conde dos Arcos Farm

For ages 16 and above
Capacity: 30 people (minimum participation of 6 people)
Duration: 90 minutes

Registration: escoladejardinagem@cm-lisboa.pt

The Conde dos Arcos Farm in Olivais is home to Lisbon Council’s Schools of Gardening and Calceteiros – the craftspeople who lay Lisbon’s famous calçada paving stones. Alongside these learning establishments that keep the city beautiful there is also a council nursery, a horticultural park, a playground, and a cafeteria.

On this visit you will discover the 28 species of trees the Farm is known for, among them a wide-canopied bunya-bunya (Araucaria bidwillii).